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Moonchild – Starfruit

Friday 11th February saw the release of Moonchild’s fifth(!) studio album, Starfruit, marking a decade since the trio began writing music together. Formed of multi-instrumentalists Amber Navran, Max Bryk and Andris Mattson, the neo-soul group have once again produced a collection of oozing earworms that you will find yourself listening to on repeat. The firstContinue reading “Moonchild – Starfruit”

In the Chic Midwinter: Top Picks for Albums to Discover This Month

Having emerged from the festive, familial holidays of December, we enter the somewhat drearier in-between period – Christmas music now socially unacceptable once more, while the chilly weather is here to stay. For me, it always makes for a fitting time to engage with new music. This article is a personal top picks of someContinue reading “In the Chic Midwinter: Top Picks for Albums to Discover This Month”

1977: A Farewell to Kings? Reflections On the Year Punk Killed Prog Rock

With the ever-changing trends of popular music in the last 60 years, it’s tricky for even the most dedicated fans and aficionados to keep track of how things evolve. As a result, narratives are often simplified, stating how the musical world changed overnight due to a single, seismic event so iconic that it rewrote theContinue reading “1977: A Farewell to Kings? Reflections On the Year Punk Killed Prog Rock”

Moonchild – Too Good

Neo-soul trio Moonchild have just released their newest single ‘Too Good’ on Friday – their fifth album, Starfruit, will follow in February next year. Infamous in the neo-soul and RnB scenes, Moonchild are a trio whose music is truly unique to them – their first album was so innovative, and their artistic voice so strong,Continue reading “Moonchild – Too Good”

If 6 Was 9: Nigel Kennedy’s Hendrix vs. Classic FM

Last week, a story was released on how the world’s best-selling violinist cancelled an upcoming concert, after receiving news that a classical radio station wouldn’t let him play his renditions of rock tunes. It forms a part of a recurring narrative: a given musician within a given genre (e.g., Nigel Kennedy, esteemed classical performer) experiencesContinue reading “If 6 Was 9: Nigel Kennedy’s Hendrix vs. Classic FM”

Common – Imagine ft. PJ

The second half of Common’s double album project has just been released on September 10th – A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2 marks the satisfying completion of Common’s ambitious project. I urge all readers to listen to both parts of A Beautiful Revolution, and to appreciate its artistry, curation, and ultimately, its important message which hasContinue reading “Common – Imagine ft. PJ”

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