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Yaatri – Gold

Yaatri are a jazz crossover five-piece who are very up and coming on the UK jazz scene, and have just released their new single, ‘Gold’. Featuring Liam Narain DeTar on guitar, Felix Bertulis-Webb on keys, B-âhwe on vocals, Jona Tromp on drums and Joe Wilkes on bass, the band formed in Leeds in 2018 afterContinue reading “Yaatri – Gold”

Monobody – Comma

Released just last week on the 23rd April, Monobody’s Comma has lived up to the standards of their previous records, proving they are as innovative and eclectic as ever. Drawing particularly from jazz-fusion, math-rock, and prog, they have devised a pretty unique blend of sunny, effervescent bangers. They manage again on Comma to reach aContinue reading “Monobody – Comma”

April Releases

This April we’re looking forward to hearing lots of new music – we wanted to shed some light on what we’re looking forward to, and to remind everyone that new music is constantly being put out every month. During lockdown, musicians have managed to accomplish so much, despite being treated as though their work isContinue reading “April Releases”

Noname – Rainforest

Noname has always been a political rapper, in that she raps about life and exposes truth – but in 2020 and now in 2021, her newest releases have had an additional edge to them, and it’s as sharp as a knife. Noname released ‘Rainforest’ at the end of February, and its themes are both politicalContinue reading “Noname – Rainforest”

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